Cushee Rubber Dam Clamp Cushions - Blue (Pack of 36)

$30 $55

Blue Cushee Rubber Dam Clamp Cushions make using rubber dams easier and more practical than ever.

Why should you use Cushees? 

  • To increase patient comfort by eliminating contact between the steel clamp and gingiva or enamel
  • To enhance rubber dam seal and limit leaking from above or below
  • Helps protect natural tooth structure and delicate, costly restorations
  • To reduce clamp slippage
  • They are sterilizable and reusable

Can be applied to one or both jaws of rubber dam clamps in seconds. Steam and chemical autoclavable. For #12A, #13A, and #8A clamps (dull #8A clamp points before using).

Quantity: 4 per package.

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